• 5 Disc Set!
  • Family Vacation: Live in Los Angeles Street Date 1.29.16

    Our live album/DVD is set for public release 1.29.16 and we couldn’t be more excited! Get it early by joining our PledgeMusic campaign… and also receive our upcoming studio EP as a BONUS with your pre-order!


    Los Angeles friends! We’re shooting a music video this Saturday… wanna be IN IT?

    That’s right gang! The very first music video for the upcoming album is being shot this Saturday, October 26th in North Hollywood, California – and we want some of YOU to be in it! The song is called “Barefoot and Pregnant” so what does that mean? That’s right! Dress up like off-kilter pregnant ladies, Halloween costume style. Whether you’re a burly dude with a beard or a pixie punk chick with purple hair, we want your face and a pillow under your shirt on screen in our performance shots while we rock the song with Stacy Jones on drums! And yes… there might be some dancing involved. ;)
    Sound like fun? Yeah it does!
    So send an email to barefootpregnantvid@dollyrots.com if you wanna do this with us for a few hours beginning at NOON this Sat. We only need a small group for this shoot but will try and accommodate as many of y’all as we can. Oh and please be 15+ – sorry all-ages peeps!

    Acoustic Album & PledgeMusic Campaign Coming August 2013!

    Hey dudes and dudettes,

    Between all the writing & recording, touring, Facebooking, news posting, video making, Tweeting, StageIt showing and Instagramming I kinda forgot there was a blog here… but this seems like the right place for a cool announcement!

    This month we’re doing 2 really exciting things… releasing an acoustic album and starting a PledgeMusic Campaign for our 5th full-length album! And they’re kinda happening together. Let me explain…

    First of all, we have the most amazing fans in the WORLD. I know everyone says that but we seriously do. Every day we get to interact and be inspired by the people who care about this band. We didn’t realize quite how much people believed in us until September of 2011 when we launched our first album fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. In the time since we launched that campaign we’ve grown closer and closer to our fans and can’t wait make do this next album WITH them.

    As part of our Kickstarter people could pledge for a song written and recorded just for them about anything they want. Well, we decided as part of the deal, anyone who pledged would get the resulting acoustic record! So Luis and I wrote and wrote and recorded 14 amazing, weird and sweet songs for those 14 fans. It was written and recorded by us, in our bedroom and we can’t wait for you to hear it! The songs are an eclectic mix to say the least… there’s a punk rock werewolf song, a doo wop  Cthuluhu song, a song about the Military Industrial Complex and a song about science. And you know what… they RULE! All our Kickstarter backers will get this album in their inboxes within the next few weeks and THEN…

    We’ll launch our PledgeMusic Campaign for the next record to be released in Spring 2014! We’ve decided anyone who participates in this new campaign will also get the acoustic album! So if you weren’t a Kickstarter backer for our last album the only way to get the acoustic album is to pledge for our next one! Keep an eye out for the announcement. We’re currently planning all the packages and rewards. It’s going to be amazing. Lot’s of one of a kind stuff, baked goods from me, stage clothes, guitars and even one of my basses straight to you and of course the new album in many forms! If you have any suggestions or special requests for packages let us know via Facebook, Twitter or email thedollyrots(at)gmail(dot)com and we’ll see what we can do!

    Love you most. Can’t wait to go on this wild ride with you guys!


    Here’s a photo from recording the acoustic album…

    Recording the Dollyrots Acoustic Album




    Not A Star In Sight So We Wished On A Satellite!

    Here’s our newest music video for “Satellite” one of our favorites from our self-titled and Kickstarter-funded 2012 album.

    We wanted this vid to have a more lo-fi look and feel, taking a ton of influence from 90′s alternative rock and going against the grain of the super-crisp “HD pop video” approach. We wanted to keep it dreamy. At its heart “Satellite” is about longing and space. We felt like the California desert in it’s sparseness, Joshua trees, and other-worldly landscape would be a perfect backdrop. We had a blast working with producer/director Helmut Roethel in the sunny chilly windy dusty desert!

    As we type we’re headed to Austin, TX for our 8th South-By-Southwest and playing a few other dates as well! Behind the drum kit on this run is Aixa Vilar, you might know her from Go Betty Go!

    Wed Mar 13 Blue Max – Midland, TX
    Fri Mar 15 Music Saves Lives Showcase @ The Firehouse – Austin, TX (12pm)
    Fri Mar 15 SXSW Official Showcase @ Headhunters – Austin, TX (1:30am)
    Sat Mar 16 Go Girls Fest @ Austin Java *ACOUSTIC SET* – Austin, TX (4pm)
    Sat Mar 16 SXSW Official Showcase II @ Karma Lounge – Austin, TX (10pm)
    Sun Mar 17 Griffs Irish Pub – Houston, TX w/Dead Rabbits
    Mon Mar 18 The Mix – San Antonio, TX FREE SHOW
    Tue Mar 19 Three Links – Dallas, TX w/People On Vacation ALL AGES Tickets

    This past week we passed 10,000 followers on Twitter too so thanks SO MUCH to all of you that watch and interact with our off-kilter randomness there!

    k & L

    StageIt! Music Videos! SXSW AGAIN! Rrrawr!

    Howdy Darlins,

    We would like to formally invite you to visit us in Kelly’s apartment this Thursday Feb 28th at 5:30 PST for an acoustic performance of your favorite Dollyrots’ love songs (as voted on by our fans at Facebook)! You can watch from anywhere, WORLDWIDE. Only a limited # of tickets are available for this one-time performance… which means there will be plenty of room in the chat room for you to talk to us throughout the show. And to top it off tickets are pay-what-you-want so you’ve got nothin’ to lose! The show sold out at the last minute last time so if you’d like to watch don’t wait until it’s too late. Tix here!

    The past couple weeks have been crazy busy and exciting… we filmed 2 music videos for songs off The Dollyrots! One for “Starting Over Again” and one for “Satellite”. They may not be considered ‘singles’ but, hey, they’re two of our favorites so we did it anyway! There’s some behind the scenes stuff in the video update below if you want a sneak peek. ;)

    AND in a couple weeks we’re headed on a Southwestern US Tour to Austin, TX for SXSW! It will be our 9th time at the festival and our 1st trip through TX this year! We’ll have the dates up any day now.

    Don’t forget… to have fun…much more coming soon!

    Hootie Hoo!

    K & L Drot

    Video Update: BRAVE, 2 NEW Tracks, a UK Tour, and Ms Kelly’s Wild Ride!

    Our latest video update…watch to the end to see Kelly doing her best Mario Kart impression!

    Download the NEW “Because I’m Awesome” on Itunes HERE.
    Stream our NEW song “Super Mega Ultraviolet” HERE.

    Ahhhhhnd here are the UK Tour Dates supporting Bowling For Soup with Patent Pending!
    US dates TBA.
    Oct 14 02 Academy Newcastle, United Kingdom
    Oct 15 02 ABC Glasgow, United Kingdom
    Oct 16 02 Academy Liverpool, United Kingdom
    Oct 17 Mandela Hall Ireland, United Kingdom
    Oct 18 The Academy Dublin, Ireland
    Oct 19 02 Academy Leeds, United Kingdom
    Oct 20 Manchester Academy Manchester, United Kingdom
    Oct 21 Picturedrome Holmfirth, United Kingdom Tickets RSVP
    Oct 22 53 Degrees Preston, United Kingdom
    Oct 23 UEA Norwich, United Kingdom
    Oct 24 02 Academy Birmingham, United Kingdom
    Oct 25 Rock City Birmingham, United Kingdom
    Oct 26 02 Academy Bristol, United Kingdom
    Oct 27 02 Academy Oxford, United Kingdom
    Oct 28 Corn Exchange Cambridge, United Kingdom

    BRAVE featuring AWESOME! A New Song! A Movie! Oh My!

    Happy Summer! SO MUCH TO TELL YOU GUYS!

    BRAVE! You might have heard “Because I’m Awesome” on one of the TV trailers for the Disney/Pixar movie Brave coming out June 22nd! We’re super excited about it and have only seen it a couple times but have heard from many of you that it’s screening on both TV & theatres. If you hear it let us know on our Facebook page or Twitter so we know where it’s popping up!

    AND in more movie news…there’s a documentary about a Los Angeles rock scene called Kiss or Kill we were a part of screening this Thursday, June 7th at the Chinese 6 Theaters in Hollywood at 2:45pm. Tix are available for In Heaven There Is No Beer at the link below and of course, we’ll be there too! Come watch it with us at this premier and we’ll gorge our faces with popcorn together!
    Click here for the trailer! Buy tix for the screening HERE!

    HAVE A CRAPPY SUMMER. We’re also really excited for the release of the Crappy Records Summer Comp called Have A Crappy Summer! Our song on it is a brand spankin’ new one called Super Mega Ultraviolet that’ll make you warm all over, check it out below! It’s the FIRST Dollyrots song with Alicia on drums. There are a bunch of awesome bands on the comp like Bowling For Soup, Linus Of Hollywood (feat. Brett Anderson of The Donnas), Josh Caterer of Smoking Popes, Patent Pending and MORE so…
    Go buy it here NOW!!

    OH and we just re-printed some shirts for the webstore including the “A Little Messed Up” boy beaters and “Dolly Dodgers” baseball tees..check em out along with vinyl goodies HERE!

    So much good stuff coming up (details on the new album, another new song, tour dates) but we don’t want your head to explode so we’ll give it to you in digestible bits. Until next time, love you most!

    Your summer crush,
    The Dollyrots – Kelly, Luis, & “Mz” Alicia

    Video Update! In-Studio Footage & New Dollyrots Album Details

    Hey Sweet Cheeks!
    Happy belated New Year! We’re back at work and ready to killlll it this year!

    Finishing up in the studio with a vengeance, and it looks like the new album’s THIS CLOSE (fingers millimeters apart) from being finished as far as tracking goes. The artwork is underway too, and before long we hope to have a release date for you. HERE’s a vid with some studio snippets!

    The record’s got pretty much everything you’d want in a Dollyrots album – la la las, heavy guitars, oohs, aaahhs, bouncy basslines, screams, and sing-songy vocals. We really think you’re gonna LOVE it.

    So here’s the fun part…as soon as we get done putting this all together we’ll be hitting the road to play it all for you…and if you live near Los Angeles you’ll have a chance to be some of the first to see it! We’ve got a show lined up at the Viper Room on March 8th to debut the new album for our hometown fans and if you send an email with your name to thedollyrots@gmail.com we’ll put your name on the FREE GUEST LIST. It’ll be literally us and 100 of our closest friends and we can’t wait!

    That’s all for now – so excited for this year and hope to see you at a show in the coming months!

    The Dollyrots – Kelly, Luis, & “Bam Bam” Alicia

    p.s. Please consider supporting our amazing pals Jarinus in their Kickstarter album fundraiser; they make good stuff!

    Ends & Beginnings…

    Hi there Everyone,
    A lot’s been happening in our World over the past few months. Thanks to the jaw-dropping support of our fans in a Kickstarter campaign, we have been working non-stop on an album that’s beginning to feel like the best thing we’ve ever done. As touring musicians, the time in-between albums gives us a chance to reflect.

    With that said, we’re announcing the departure of Chris Black from the band. It’s a decision he’s made based on where he’s at in life and we fully accept it and support him. Things change and priorities change. This is not a matter of “creative differences” or of how much we care for each other. We wish Chris the best as he moves onward to new endeavors!

    Here’s a statement from Chris:
    “My time with The Dollyrots has been the most amazing opportunity to follow my passion for music, but I have decided to move on to the next great adventure that life has in store for me. I am going to miss this band and its fans greatly and want to thank everyone for the support over these past five years.”

    We (Kelly & Luis) will continue to make music as long as we can. It’s what we know, what we do, and what we love. We can’t wait to share this new album with you all! The result and how we deliver it live will retain the same creative vision started by us and continued through the time we shared with Chris. We’re gonna miss you, dude!

    Reach out to Chris on Twitter

    p.s. Don’t worry San Diego Tucson, and Tempe! Your tour dates are still a GO for this week. More details coming soon…

    2 DAYS LEFT to pre-order our next record and get a FREE acoustic album + B-sides!

    Hi Everyone!
    Our Kickstarter album fundraiser is in the final stretch! We’re so grateful and amazed at the generosity of our fans. Due to the current pledges we’ve already been able to finish 2 songs and more studio time is booked for this week. And it’s all happening because you guys believe in us and what we do.

    Visit our Kickstarter page HERE to see what we’ve been up to!

    If you haven’t yet, please consider pledging your support for our album and in exchange we’ll send you a FREE download of an original acoustic album PLUS 6 previously unreleased B-sides from our digital vaults. We have tons of great rewards and packages you might like that include fun stuff like T-shirts, autographed stuff, personalized things, and unique ways we’re showing our fans how much we appreciate them. For even $1 you’ll even have the chance to get a copy of the album on PURPLE vinyl for a mere $10 (shipping included!) plus exclusive video updates from the studio.

    But remember – 2 days left for all of this! Please consider becoming a part of making this album before our project ends! Our fans are our record label now and it feels good :)

    Ahhhnd… here’s the most recent video update from Kelly!

    Can’t wait for you all to hear the new album! It’s shaping up to be the bees knees. All because of our fans!
    Lotsa Love,
    The Dollyrots – Kelly & the Boys

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